Right, basically nailed the Sources system now.

Here's how it works, with pretty pictures:

1) Create the display (we'll do a Timer).

2) Configure it to track what you want. I'll make it track the Legacy of the White Tiger buff.

3) No messing around with sources, because it defaults to automatic configuration mode.

4) It works.

For something a bit more advanced (using a buff icon for the texture):

1) Create the texture display.

2) Again, configure it. This time I'll make it show my whirly kick of wet paper bags.

3) It's in automatic mode, so I just need to check "Use Buff/Debuff for Icon".

4) Close editor, spin around, done.

The configuration modes are:

  • Manual: Same system as you guys have now, whereby everything is configured manually.
  • Automatic: This will use the first 'suitable' trigger from the Activate action. If it can't find one, it will reset and go to Manual mode.
  • Trigger: This is similar to Automatic, except you can specify what trigger is used. Only triggers from the Activate action can be used, however. If you select an invalid one, it will not reset, but you will get a warning message.

Hopefully that'll resolve any concerns about how painful it'd be to set things up. Next on the list is either going to be more triggers/source types, or adding timers/whatever to existing displays.

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