3.15 Jungle Tier List (Saintvicious)

Jungle Tier list Preseason Patch 3.15 This list is for solo q
I left out Yusao because I think he needs atleast a week or 2 to sink in, if I had my guess just off first look he is tier 3

Tier 1-,Elise,Wukong, Shyvana, ,Eve,Vi,Lee sin,Dr. Mundo

Eve-Nerfs to oracle plus pink wards make ganking with her even easier and
the offense mastery tweeks helped her as well

Dr.Mundo-I had him in a much lower tier, I misjudged his mid and late game carry potential, his early game is a bit sketchy though so I have him at the bottom of tier 1.

Shyvana- gains a lot of raw stats from her passive much like wukong does. She also has a lot of built in dps and mobility. She is the fastest farmer in the game as well. I would put her at the top of tier 1 but her ganks are not the strongest.

Elise-runs jungle creeps over with high single target dps and has the strongest pre 6 ganks in the game next to maybe lee sin

Wukong-is a counter pick to certain champions;elise being one of those. Also wukong has one of the best late games and post 6 in the game out of all the junglers. His passive also gives him a ton of gold value in stats. I moved wukong up 1 slot in the tier list I just think he is too broken right now.

Vi and Lee both have really strong pre 6 ganks as well as post 6 ganks. Early game dominant junglers

Tier 2-Olaf,Aatrox, Jarvan,Udyr, Nocturne,Khazix,Fiddlesticks,Nasus

Nasus I forgot to put in last list, he still has his place as a utilty jungler. Good for holding towers and doing fast dragons+barons

Fiddlesticks is kinda of weak pre 6 but he can do some unusual gank paths and his fear as of right now is ridiculous. Also the new ap jungle item allows him to give up blues to mid laner without running out of mana. With the nurf to fiddles fear I moved him to the bottom of tier 2.

Olaf-I would put him tier 1 however I dislike his scaling into late game if he does not snowball hard early. His early game is extremely strong though plus he farms like a monster.

Aatrox- he can do unusual gank paths and his early game presence is extremely good

Jarvan- the EQ nurf hurt him quite a bit and I just feel like people got used to playing vs him. He is still a strong pick though.

Udyr and noc are both power farmers. Udyr excels vs all melee comps and Noc excels in assassin comps.

Tier 3-Skarner, Amumu,Pantheon Zac, Nunu, Gragas, Jax,Nautilus, Xin

I added Pantheon to the list due to the w changes, he could possibily snowball off some early ganks and pressure with ult post 6

I left xin out of the last list on accident

All the champs in tier 3 have problems with either mana or weak points in early or late game.

Tier 4-Rammus,Trundle,Shaco,,Volibear,,Maokai,Sejuani,

With taunt change to rammus I moved him down to tier 4

All the champions in tier 4 have itemization issues as well as weird power spikes.

Tier 5-Hecarim, Gangplank,, Shen, Warwick

All of these champions are niche picks and suffer from itemization issues, many weak points in the game and dependency on buffs.


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