Tips vs Hum


Play Undead. Oh.... wait

EDIT: Gonna try to give some real advice. Im not an undead player but i know what hurts me when playing human =D

Youll generally not be able to stop his expo on tier 1. Depending on the map hell normally creep 1 orange and 1-2 green camps before going on expoing. In the time this gives you, you can either harras him, trying to steal high exp creeps with coils, killing workers which come out of militia and basically slowing him down. Be carefull not to get your DK damaged too heavily, because that will slow down your later harrasement. When he starts creeping the expo, you should have 5-7 ghouls ready, which you draw to the expo spot as soon as you see him militiaing. You should be there before he even finishes the creep. Try focusing low hp units and especially finishing alot of workers. This hurts his expo speed and costs him additional wood.

While you do this, you should slowly be reaching tier 2, where you can either decide to go for an imediate push for which you have prepared 2-3 fiends in your base and youll be hiring a tavern hero (normally dr or panda), or go for fast gargs (especially good when you stopped am from getting lvl 3 and there are no towers up yet) with which you can prevent towers from getting up and slow the expo, or a straight destropush, for which you keep harrasing with dk and a 2nd hero (naga vs low hp am, panda if hes doing good and you expect gyros out early or lich if you want a solid nuke) and then push as soon as you have 3-4 statues and the upgrade out, whereever he has less towers. Having 6-8 frenzy ghouls and 2-4 skelletons with your destro army is really good if he has less than 6 towers because they will tank tower damage if he doesnt micro them, help vs ground armies and kill of repearing workers.

If you managed to heavily delay his expo or start a strong push and you feel you have mapcontrol, thats the point at which you should expo and keep the pressure high while its going up.

If you always have a dominating army and keep tabs on him without losing your advantage, you can easily avoid him getting to his ideal army. Everytime you feel you have control over him, you can put in a little creeping to get your nuking up.


一般的にT1でExpoを取る行為は止めれません。またExpo前にGreen campsをCreepに行くか?もしくはOrange campをcreepに行くか?はmap次第になります。Hum側がcreepに行った場合はEXPをCoilで横取りするか、workerをkillするかどちらかになります。この時DKがあまりダメージを食らわないように配慮しましょう。ダメージを食らうとその後のハラスが重たくなります。militiaを引き連れてexpoに向かった場合はGhoulの出番です。その頃にはGhoulも5-7貯まってる事でしょう。そしてworkerかHPの減ったunitを狙っていきます。

こうしてる間にT2に到達してるでしょう、T2でどう相手にプレッシャーをかけるか決めないといけません。一つはTarvern Hero(DR or Panda)と蜘蛛2-3体。二つ目としてはgargでpush(AMがLv3に到達していなかったり、Towerが立ってない場合にGood)。そして三つ目としてはT3にしてdestでpushすることになります、この場合はDKと2nd Hero。そして3-4のstatue(destの開発は済)とFrenzy ghoulを6-8体。2-4体の骨。Towerが6個以下ならばこのdest編成は非常に強力です。Destで行く場合の2nd Heroの選択はAMを狙って行くならばnaga。早期vs Gyroの場合はpanda。砲台が欲しいのならばLichとなります。)





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